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I often get asked what’s the catch? Staging usually costs thousands of dollars!

The simple answer is that I know staging your home will help sell your home faster and for more money. We have found that we can sell 73% FASTER and 6% HIGHER than the national average. Plus I already have a passion for interior design and an amazing inventory of furniture and decor on hand to make your home product ready!

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What my clients are saying

After trying to sell our home on and off for 10 years, Kat & Casey sold it for full price in 3 days!

Spencer & Jill Fayette

I never thought I would actually say, we couldn’t have sold our house as fast or as high as we did, unless we had partnered with Kat & Casey. I use the term “partnered” because that’s what they were, a true partner in the process. Using them was worth every penny!

Dylan and Becky Weston

I hear the term staging from so many agents that throw it around like a badge of honor, so when Kathryn called us and told us what “staging” meant in what they offer, we were blown away! Other agents said they staged also but could never define what it entailed or what value it was to me as a seller. As a consumer, I’m all about value added. Kathryn is the real deal! She did what she said she would do and as a result, we sold our home fast, for a great price and actually had fun in the process.

Gary and Samone Conklin

When Kathryn called to tell us our home had been selected as a perfect fit for the show, we were so excited to have this opportunity, but a little nervous too. Kat & Casey quickly removed all the reservations we had from the minute they showed up with the first truck load of staging furniture and home décor and went to work transforming our home into a magazine cover! Kat & Casey are hands down, the best value offered by any agent. We will never use anyone else!

Dixon and Betty Burton

Our home had some real hurdles to overcome, but Kat & Casey sold it in 3 weeks at full price! We would recommend them to ANYONE!

Peter and Stephanie Call

Advanced Targeted Digital Marketing

98% of all home buyers start their searches online. That means your home needs to 1) stand out, and 2) get in front of the right buyers. Kat & Casey do so much more than simply list your home on the MLS and syndicated websites. They invest heavily to ensure that your home is showing up in google searches, and social media feeds.

Recent research shows that the average adult spends about 2 hours per day on social media! Kat & Casey will ensure that your home’s eye catching photos, videos, and other digital assets get in front of the right people, at the right times, getting more people to visit your home for a walkthrough.


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